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SunCoast, Fl, - After going into remission from cancer, NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is now fighting off another problem. In a press release made to the Miami Herald, Kelly stated that he is now inflicted with a MRSA infection, also known as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.

Kelly has been receiving MRI exams two times a month after defeating cancer back in September, and the same exam found this very serious infection.

Doctors explained that they had to perform 12 more biopsies. These are not light procedures, and Kelly is feeling a bit diminished from them, especially since he had just been taken off his feeding tube. The next MRI in two weeks will show the progress of his new infection.

The treatment for his MRSA infection involves eight weeks of administering antibiotics intravenously. It is a minimally invasive task, but straining considering he must receive them three times a day.

In 2013, the former Bills quarterback was diagnosed with cancer. He immediately had a portion of his jaw bone taken out in order to remove the cancerous elements, and was deemed cancer-free in just three weeks.

This relief was short-lived, however, as the cancer reappeared in March of 2014. Kelly was put through radiation treatments and chemotherapy, and after five months, he was once again in remission. A month later in September, his doctors confirmed the prognosis.

"Unfortunately this MRSA scenario is seen way too often during and after routine medical procedures", said Joe Carrasco, Director of Product Development, Medi-Foame™. Hospital acquired MRSA infections alone account for over 19,000 US deaths a year - which are more deaths than those linked to AIDS fatalities. "Those kinds of numbers are completely unacceptable, what we really need to be doing is pushing for legislation that will force these statistics way down."

"Objectors are consistently at odds with hospital administrators highlighting the staggering amounts of needlessly contracted cases of hospital acquired infections due to staff contamination." "The bottom line is that hospitals do not want to spend the extra money needed to provide their staff with the best possible tools to avoid the spread of transmissible diseases." Medi-Foame™ has a product line of wearable antimicrobial hand cleansers which has consistently shown to create an ideal hand hygiene habit amongst Health-Care workers thereby decreasing transmissible disease numbers.

"It would also help immensely if Mr. Kelly felt strong enough about this preventable MRSA infection he contracted and became a spokesperson against this problem just as then Orlando Magic basketball player Grant Hill did when he too suffered the same fate after ankle surgery in 2003."         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojYRhG4WefY

Amidst this new diagnosis, Kelly did have enough energy to attend the Miami vs. North Carolina game on Saturday, where he stood as the honorary captain for the Hurricanes prior to the game.

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MRSA Infection Strikes Ex-Bills Jim Kelly a Second Blow